10 Tips to Become a Responsible Dog Owner

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10 Tips to Become a Responsible Dog Owner

The cuteness quotient of the canines might be attractive but taking the responsibility of a dog isn’t an easy task. Every year, 3.9 million dogs are brought to the rescue shelters and half of them are euthanized. It might be due to their age, divorce of the care-giving couple, death of the owner or simply for relocation to another citThis kind of irresponsibility towards the canines has resulted in the overwhelming number of homeless dogs.

However, if you take a good care of the canines, they can make a loyal companion shower their love on you. When you bring that little puppy home, it becomes completely dependent on you. So, abandoning your pet pooch is like leaving your own family member. Therefore, if you want to be a responsible owner of a dog, follow the guidelines below.

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1. Choose Your Mutt Wisely:

Many people buy puppies from breeders who breed dogs for earning their living. You must keep in mind that in those puppy mills, dogs are mistreated just for the sake of money.

Especially, do not go for the showy pet shops that will only add their pain. If you are a true dog lover, then visit the dog shelter to adopt one of the rescue dogs who need a home and ample love. Particularly, the older dogs need more love and care than the young ones and quite sadly, in some kill shelters, these poor pooches are killed mercilessly.

2. Contact A Reputed Veterinarian For A Primary Checkup:

Usually, the vaccinations are given with 6 to 12 months. So, if you are bringing an older dog, you don’t have to specifically worry about the immunization. But if you have adopted a newborn pup, then contact a good veterinarian and do as they advise. All the vaccinations should be properly given to them in order to prevent the lethal diseases that can affect dogs.

On the other hand, if you are opting for an older dog, you should go for a routine checkup to the vet to make sure that the pooch is healthy. If the dog needs any special care, your vet will surely let you know.

3. Feed Your Dog And Keep It Healthy:

Being a responsible dog owner, you must take proper care of your pet just like you do to your kids. A dog owner should act like a responsible parent. Give them nutrient-rich food which can contribute to their health and keep them strong. Puppies need specific puppy foods like milk or its alternatives.

Choose the dog food according to your dog’s breed, size and age to ensure their good health. Apart from food, dogs also need water. So, always keep a bowl of water beside their food bowl.

4. Protect Your Pet From Animal Abuse:

Animal abuse is a crime and never ignore if your pet has become a victim of it. As a responsible dog owner, you should always protect your pet from such abuses. Take all necessary steps to put a full stop on animal abuse. If you spot your pet being abused, report to your local pet care association. There are several organizations that work against animal abuse to whom you can ask for help.

5. Neuter Or Spay Your Dog:

Neutering is surgically removing a dog’s testicles. Female dogs can be spayed, as in, their uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes will be surgically removes so that they don’t produce pups. So many dogs are left abandoned and hence it’s necessary to make sure no more dogs are produced.

6. Walk Your Pooch When It Needs:

Dogs usually let their owners know by nudging, biting or pulling that they need a walk outside. So, be a responsible dog owner and walk your dog.

7. Spot Aggressive Behavior And Address The Issue:

Sometimes an older dog can grow aggressive to its new owner. If you spot any such aggressive behavior, then immediately contact your vet for help.

8. Make Sure They Get Enough Exercise:

Provide them enough space to walk around and allow them to play with dog toys. Engaging in recreational activities can make your dog happy. Sometimes, join them in the Frisbee game and realize how fun it is.

9. Provide Medical Attention:

Dogs often get affected by diseases like Kennel Cough, Heart Worm and tick borne diseases. If you can see any sign of illness, get in touch with your vet.

10. Take Extra Care Of Geriatric Dogs:

Just like humans, older dogs are prone to various diseases. Being a responsible dog owner means taking care of your dog till the end. Sometimes, their suffering becomes intolerable and you may need to end it responsibly.

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