About Us

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As Neistesenvar.com’s family, at the beginning of 2010, we launched the way to add color to the online shopping market and to meet consumer needs from all walks with our wide range of products.

Based on the principle of 100% Customer Satisfaction, we are working with our power to provide you with better service every day.

As a Neistesenvar.com family, our primary goal is to offer you affordable products in a wide range of products.

To offer more affordable products to you, we follow market prices at any moment, and we direct our purchases and our purchases with our suppliers in line with this.

As Neistesenvar.com, we organize campaigns on our site continuously. These attacks are continually changing by market conditions and the needs of our valued customers.
We can offer installment products at the price of cash in the framework of the agreements we have made with banks in the period.
Our free, promotional product promotions and free shipping for some product groups are ongoing.

At present, we have close to 65.000 products on our site, and this number is continuously increasing with the addition of our new supplier every day.

We thank you for your esteemed customers because of your confidence in us.