Avanti 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews

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Avanti 28How many times do you get home tired and all you need is sips of chilled wine? If your wine is losing taste and character?

Then its time you passed up the idea of storing wine in cabinets and turned to sleek wine cooler for your home. High-performance wine coolers will give you the freedom to chill wine at your favorite temperatures.

And if you like excellent quality wine served at the character and taste as intended by its maker, then acquiring a wine cooler is almost inevitable. The market today is flooded with product promising to deliver positive results, but not all offer as per the promise.

And today, we will review the product Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler, one of the best wine fridge ( the wine items ) that performs excellently and will not fail you. This review will give you all the details about this cooler to aid your decision, as you aim to be on par with other wine lovers.


Whether you are searching for the first time or are a pro wine collector, am pretty sure your focus will be concentrated on the product features.

To give you a good idea about Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler we will comprehensively discuss every function as we aim at making your decision easy. Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler is a high-quality cooler with personal details that make it top amongst the best. The following are the products highlights;

Superconductor cooling technology

Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler utilizes the superconductor cooling technology. This state-of-the-art technology features a superconductor heat pipe that offers a more efficient and higher efficient cooling mechanism.

This helps the cooler to uniquely chill wines without distorting the sediments while maintaining them at an exact humidity level.

Superconductors are superior to the semiconductors and produce no vibration in their operation. They are lightweight and help to regulate power consumption of the wine cooler. Superconductor technology cools wine in a whisper-quiet operation making this more relaxed fit for any home.

Removable shelves

The shelves of this wine cooler are chrome coated and adjustable/ removable making this cooler very versatile regarding wine storage. These chrome racks also provide a stylish display of the wine bottles as they cool. Removable shelves make cleaning the interior of this wine cooler easy, thereby aiding its maintenance.

LED interior lighting

The interior of Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler is illuminated by LED light with an on/off button at the main control panel. This new and extended life interior lighting gives a bright display of your wine as they chill.

Control panel

Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler features an easy-to-view integrated soft touch control panel that has an LED digital display. This control panel is very user-friendly and includes separate control buttons for both beverages and wines zones, to maintain all your bottles at optimal temperature range.

Temperature range

This Avanti wine cooler has a full range temperature control with both Fahrenheit and Celsius settings. The minimum temperature for this cooler is 46 degrees Fahrenheit (7.8 degrees Celsius), while the maximum temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit (17.8 degrees Celsius)

Single temperature zone

Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler has only one temperature zone that is spacious enough to hold up to 28 standard wine bottles.

Style and design

Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler is a free-standing fridge that features a sleek black cabinet. Its double-paned glass door is trimmed with platinum to give it an elegant look that easily matches with any interior décor.

The handle of this cooler’s door is detachable and has a professional-style design. This modern design gives the refrigerator the wow factor and is presentable to all your visitors and friends.

The following are the highlights and downside of Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler.


  • Easy to use and read control panel with the digital LED display.
  • Whisper-quiet cooling operation.
  • Removable chrome shelves enhance its versatility.
  • Reversible tempered glass door.
  • Soft LED interior lighting.
  • Superconductor technology can chill both red and white wines but not simultaneously.
  • Full range temperature control with both F/C settings.
  • This wine cooler is energy efficient and will save you a lot regarding power bills.
  • The fridge is sleek and compatible with any interior setting and décor.


  • The coolers mechanism is sensitive to ambient temperatures.
  • Has a single temperature zone can only accommodate a unique temperature range.
  • Its double-paned glass door is not UV tinted, and cannot block UV light which destroys stored wines.
  • Don’t work well in too cold or hot areas.


The general reception of Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler is divided with both the positive and negatives getting equal shares. Those on the positives claim that this product has a sleek design which matches any interior décor. Its quiet operation is also received well by these clients and the ability to chill either red, or white wine wowed some customers.

On the other hand, complaints are many. Some reviews mentioned that this wine cooler doesn’t perform well in extremely hot or cold areas and its temperatures fluctuated depending on the room temperatures. Other customers are saying that the cooler promises a lot and deliver little; apart from its excellent look there is no other positive to count on


Every freestanding wine cooler comes with its specific user and installation manual. Read through the manufacturer’s instruction carefully and make sure you follow each step as detailed.

Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler is a free standing fridge and should be placed on a stable surface to make it firm enough not to topple over easily. It’s also good to note that its cooling system is on the rare side; therefore you should allow enough room for ventilation. Since this coolers door is not UV tinted, place it in a place where direct sunlight won’t hit it. Keep it in a safe place away from other environment deteriorating agents like dust and water.

This wine cooler is made with shelves that slide out smoothly for more natural cleaning. Maintain the interior of this more relaxed clean for it to last longer and in case of wine spillage deal with it instantly.

The internal mechanism of this wine cooler is made to last long, however when wrongly installed it might break down. Replacements can be done if the warranty has not expired. Other things like the interior lighting can be easily fixed whenever they spoil. Make sure you follow all the user and installation correctly to avert the danger the more cooling break down. This will make your wine cooler to last longer and make its maintenance very cheap.


Based this customer review, it is difficult to deliver a conclusive verdict on Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler. Customer reviews cannot be ignored as this is the voice of people talking from real life experience. However, based on its features Avanti 28 bottle wine cooler is appealing to be a very reliable wine chiller for prominent families.

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