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Okay by now you are probably tired of paying for a PSN code and you should be, why pay for them when you could just use our PSN Code Generator. Our Website is unlike any generator on the net, there may be imitators but none of them can compare to the original.

Since we have created this generator many websites have stolen our design and we don’t mind because the only part of the PSN code generator that they got was the cosmetics.

Under the hood of our generator we have months and months of coding, and that is not including our beta testing stage. Last month we have decided to release our website to the public, so everyone can get a PSN Codes from us. And in this post I will explain step by step how to get a PSN code from our generator.

Before you can fully access our website a box will appear and will not let you access the page until you complete one of the three social network buttons, if you do not want to complete one of the buttons you have the option to wait 200 seconds.

After you have either completed one of the buttons or waited the 200 seconds you will be able to access our website fully. Now that the box has disappeared; you will see a little form you have to fill out, you will be asked for your email and the PSN code amount you want.

Right now our website only supports up to $100 so you can choose any amount, we support all of them! After you have entered your email and the amount you want you will want to click the button that says “Get your code!”.

Once you clicked that another box will pop up, since we are a new site we don’t have that much publicity and we need to grow so we can gain more sponsors. Right now we require all of our visitors to invite 3 of your friends in order to proceed with the process of getting your PSN code.

After you have referred 3 of your friends to our website the box will go away and another box will pop up. Don’t worry, this box only asks you if you agree to our term, if yes, you’ll proceed to the last step. After you agree to our terms, another box filled with a list of surveys will pop up. I know we all hate surveys but they protect our PSN code very well.

We work hard everyday to update all of the offers and to keep the offers as short as possible, because we know that everyone hates surveys.

Nevertheless we had no choice but to add the surveys because we faced a horrific dilemma, people were taking as many PSN code as they possibly could before we added the surveys.

We were getting wiped clean of our entire database of codes in one day so we had no choice but to shut down the generator till we could find something to protect our codes. So we tried limiting one per ip-address until people started using proxies, then a website that is similar to ours suggested us to protect our codes with surveys.

At first we were hesitant because we knew about surveys before and how long they took, so the dude told me “Look, try one of the surveys out on my website and see how long it takes” and I did and it took a maximum of probably 2 minutes and sent me the website for the surveys he uses, and ever since then we have protected our PSN Code with surveys.

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