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Why You Are Secure?
It should be noted that while ecommerce security requires a different understanding, these security threats are not more than threats to be encountered in normal life. For example, the possibility of losing your credit card and your wallet to a snack or snatching on the street is much higher than the risks you carry while shopping online.
Virtual shopping is not a technology that has security concerns. When you take action on a security-protected site, your information will never reach the company or person you are shopping with. When you shop at a site that houses security software (SSL, SET), the security risks are much lower than the risks that might occur in a normal business activity.
The basic standards used in online sales applications are SSL and SET encryption techniques. These advanced algorithmic systems have complex structures and a cryptographic technology that even the most advanced computers can not solve. Today, the Internet branches of all banks use SSL and SET encryption technologies to secure the privacy and confidentiality of companies providing virtual shopping services through websites, portals of commercial transactions, bank and credit card information.

How is your security ensured?
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security
SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to provide security and confidentiality during data transfer on the network. With the release of version 3.0 in 1996, almost all Internet browsers (Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.
SSL ensures that the information sent is strictly decrypted only in the correct address. The information is automatically encrypted before being sent and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. Verification is done on both sides to protect the process and the integrity and integrity of the information. In order to understand that you are a secure site in the process of processing, you need to be aware of two things: One of these is a key or lock symbol located under your browser. In addition, http: // changes to https: // at the beginning of the address of the page you are in. These are indicators that you are a safe area.
Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) Security
SET was developed by a consortium of Visa, Mastercard, Microsoft, Netscape, GTE, IBM, SAIC, Terisa Systems and Verisign to ensure the security of information about debit cards and payments.
The SET protocol is implemented in a more secure environment via shopping, virtual wallet and e-certificate. SET guarantees payment information confidentiality during the shopping transaction, that the card user is the real card holder and that the business is a business with the bank.
SSL and SET technologies are the backbone of e-commerce security. All e-commerce security-related applications are built on this backbone.
What Security Measures Are Used On Our Site?
Every page you enter your personal information on our site and all of the order and payment transaction pages are encrypted with an SSL security certificate. The browser you use affirms the correctness of the actions you perform on these pages by showing them to you in the form of a locked key. This key makes it impossible for third parties to display any information you send via your browser .
Also, no part of the credit card information you use in your purchases is stored in our system, and no one other than the bank that allocated your credit card can access it.